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The Lake County Symphony Orchestra is announcing auditions for the following position:




BASS: August 12, 2023

BASSOON and TRUMPET: August 19, 2023
*Auditions will begin at 10:00 am both days*

  To request an audition, please contact Artistic Director, Ron Arden via email ( 
New openings will be posted when available.

Lake County Symphony Orchestra

Current Openings: 

The LCSO is a unique orchestra made of tier 1 and tier 2 members, hired free lancers, and advanced community artists. The principal chairs are auditioned and are tier 1 members of the orchestra along with some section tier 1 members as well.


Tier 1 players accepted to membership agree to the following guidelines

  1. All regular season services (rehearsals/concerts) will be paid to members at the orchestra’s rate.

  2. Prepare music and bring it ready to rehearse at each rehearsal at a professional level.

  3. Engage in fundraising – share promotional material, video, and web presence

  4. Serve on one operations committee every season – there will be no exceptions unless granted by the executive director

  5. Help promote LCSO by email, social networking, and word of mouth.

  6. Attend the annual meeting. There will be no exceptions to this.

  7. Aid in the compilation of names and addresses for promoting LCSO

  8. Help recruit board members.

  9. Concerts can be missed by section players. However, where rehearsals for any particular concert are concerned, there will be no absences, late arrivals or early departures. Members will be replaced for that event when these issues arise.

  10. Members will display a dedicated interest/participation in the entrepreneurial model of LCSO

    • Sell 2 tickets to the annual Gala Fundraiser – Sell 2 tickets to each mainstage concert

    • Be asked to play, if available, without pay to help raise money for the regular season as part of being engaged in the fundraising aspects of the orchestra

Principals will be auditioned by the existing membership with oversight by the artistic director – using the audition process in the bylaws. Auditions will consist of a solo and three contrasting excerpts of the players choice, an interview, and one concert to be heard and evaluated.
The following items are added to these positions.

  1. Bow and/or mark parts when asked in the string sections.

  2. Hold sectionals for difficult passages when requested by the artistic director.

  3. Show strong leadership traits in rehearsals and concerts that promote unity, following, solid intonation, adherence to what the conductor asks, spirit of cooperation and good will among other players and the conductor.

  4. Principals are allowed to miss one concert per season only. They may be asked to help recruit their replacement but no replacements of any members shall happen without the approval of the artistic director. Additional absences can be petitioned for.

Per rehearsal rate - $70                     Per concert rate - $80


To Apply: 

Please send a letter of inquiry and professional resume to Artistic Director, Ron Arden ( 

Auditions will be held in-person. No tapes or videos will be accepted. Further details regarding the audition process will be provided upon acceptance of candidates to play for the committee.  

The LCSO does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation.  


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