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The Lake County Symphony Orchestra is announcing auditions for the following position:


  To request an audition, please contact Artistic Director, Ron Arden via email ( 

New openings will be posted when available.

Lake County Symphony Orchestra

Current Openings: 

The Lake County Symphony Orchestra is the only professional orchestra in Lake County with 7 concert events and additional chamber music opportunities. Interested players may send a professional resume to


Candidates should have at least 2 years experience in a professional orchestra, a degree in music, and at least 4 professional references from conductors and teachers. Any principal horn experience is a significant plus. 


The LCSO is a unique organization with all members helping run day to day operations. Tasks include but are not limited to library, marketing, house management, personnel, website, and social media.


Selected candidates will play a solo audition and one concert with the LCSO with a decision made shortly after - no tapes or videos please.


To Apply: 

Please send a letter of inquiry and professional resume to Artistic Director, Ron Arden ( 

Auditions will be held in-person. No tapes or videos will be accepted. Further details regarding the audition process will be provided upon acceptance of candidates to play for the committee.  

The LCSO does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, age, or sexual orientation.  


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