FOUNDERS – $5,000-$10,000

Benefits include advertising your logo and company name wherever the LCSO is in print. Programs – website – and all public announcement will expose your company or business to hundreds of listeners. You can further decide to earmark your founding gift to a certain part of the orchestra’s life such as the conductor salary, underwriting a whole concert, or paying for performance space. In addition, for every year you give, you will receive a free concert from the core membership to use whenever you wish. You will receive 4 tickets to every concert, and invitations to receptions with the conductor. Finally, you will be listed as a founder of the LCSO in perpetuity.

MAESTRO – $1,000-$5,000

Gives you a presence on the website and in programs.  You can earmark your donation to a specific need like music purchase, the concert master salary, another principal player for a season, or advertising in papers and on the radio. You will also receive four tickets to every concert, free music by 4 musicians in the orchestra for a cocktail reception, a free program ad, and invitations to receptions with the conductor. You could also partner with another MAESTRO giver to underwrite a concert.

1ST CHAIR – $500-$1,000

Entitles you to be listed in programs, invitations to receptions with the conductor, and a pair of tickets for every concert. As with other levels, your gift could be earmarked for a player’s salary for a season or purchase of music.

SECTION PLAYER – $100- $500 

Your donation means your name will appear in the program and you will be invited to receptions with the conductor.

Equipment and rehearsal space are generously provided by Zion-Benton Township High School and Grace Missionary Church in Zion.

Lake County Symphony Orchestra is annually supported by the community partners on this page and the generous support of many private donors. Your support plays a vital part in keeping the arts alive with us! Donations are tax-deductible, and in-kind donations are always appreciated.  
The Lake County Symphony Orchestra raises its own funds, with the aid of its Artistic Advisory Board.  These funds contribute to the costs associated with hiring professional musicians, rental or purchase of sheet music, advertising, marketing, and administrative needs.
Businesses and private donors are sought out regularly and asked to support this important adventure in music making. The arts in Zion and surrounding communities depend on this partnership and the future of LCSO is no exception.


Community Partners

Symphony Office

2729 Enoch Ave.

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Tel: (847)-746-3472

Illinois Council of Orchestras
The Lake County Symphony is a proud member of the Illinois Council of Orchestras.
The Lake County Symphony is proudly supported by US Bank's Community Possible Program.
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